Brian Brokate to Speak on NFTs, Blockchain and Trademark Considerations

Intellectual Property Chair Brian Brokate will speak at the Practising Law Institute’s Intellectual Property Law Institute 2022 on September 15-16, 2022. The program provides developments on recent trends in patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.

Brian will speak on the panel “Trademark Aspects of NFTs and Other Blockchain Uses” on Day 2 of the program.

This session will provide insight into issues surrounding NFTs, Blockchain and trademarks including an overview of NFTs, how brands are using NFTs, registering and enforcement of trademarks for NFTs, worldwide use and issues/considerations.

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Brian Brokate to Speak on Digital Fashion and Brand Protection

Brian Brokate, Chair of Gibney’s Intellectual Property Group, will be a panelist at the Strafford webinar “Digital Fashion and Brand Protection: Leveraging Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Dress; NFTs; Ownership Challenges” on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm EDT.

This CLE webinar will guide IP counsel on protecting fashion intellectual property in the metaverse. The panel will discuss the various forms of IP that can protect fashion in the digital world of virtual reality and gaming and with respect to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the challenges of enforcement. They will review past case law decisions and pending cases and developments which will establish new precedent for future protection and enforcement of fashion intellectual property in the metaverse. The panel will also discuss the risks of failing to protect the brands and offer best practices for protecting brands in digital fashion.

Topics include:

  • Protecting digital fashion with IP laws
  • Copyright: What can you protect?
  • Trademark and trade dress in the metaverse
  • Domain names in the metaverse
  • Design patents
  • Best practices to enforce IP rights in the metaverse
  • Hurdles to protecting brands in the digital world and what strategies can be employed to enhance protection

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Brian Brokate and Angelo Mazza to Speak at PLI’s Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2022

Intellectual Property Partners Brian Brokate and Angelo Mazza will speak at the Practising Law Institute’s Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2022 on January 7, 2022. The program provides developments on recent copyright and trademark cases and anticounterfeiting trends.

Brian will deliver the opening remarks and will speak on the “Anti-Counterfeiting Update” panel. Topics include direct liability, seizures and ex parte remedies, Recent trends and the checklist that should be followed when applying for a seizure order, contributory liability and noteworthy decisions in cases involving online marketplaces and on-demand printers, and a look at the most innovative and cost-effective enforcement strategies used by brands.

Angelo will speak on the panel “Current Government IP Enforcement Programs.” Topics will include DOJ-prosecuted IP crime, IP protection in light of technological advances, the impact of major cases on enforcement, developing trends and looming issues, Made in the USA claims for Covid-19 related products and Covid-related scams facing consumers and businesses.

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Claire Razzolini to Speak at Immigration 2022 – The Outlook for Employers

Partner Claire Razzolini spoke at the event “Immigration 2022 – The Outlook for Employers” on Thursday December 16, 2021, hosted by Magrath Sheldrick. This event was a look ahead to the coming year and will focus on the changes and challenges that employers will face in international mobility in 2022. Following the success of the recent session on the UK and Europe, this practical and interactive session will focus on the immigration policy initiatives, procedural challenges and regulatory changes in the United States and Asia Pacific.

Topics include:

  • The View from the US – are we back in business?
  • Policy Reform and the Biden Administration.
  • Managing Moves in Asia
  • Bite-Size Updates – Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Philippines, Thailand.

Panel Members:

  • Ben Sheldrick. Managing Partner, Magrath Sheldrick LLP
  • Mairin Hoban, Senior Associate, Magrath Sheldrick LLP
  • Claire Razzolini, Partner, Gibney (New York)
  • Dilla Boeglin, Practice Manager, Magrath Sheldrick (Singapore)
  • Rachel Ang, Senior Consultant, Magrath Sheldrick (Singapore)


Gibney Joins BritishAmerican Business to Present Transatlantic Corridor Business Travel: The Immigration Outlook for UK & U.S. Labor Mobility

Gibney and Magrath Sheldrick are co-sponsoring the British American Business Event “The Transatlantic Corridor Business Travel: The Immigration Outlook for UK & U.S. Labor Mobility.” Immigration Partner Claire Razzolini will speak at the event, focusing on the U.S. perspective for the international mobility of executives, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Program Details
Thursday, November 4, 2021
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT/ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm GMT.

Program Overview
As we approach the end of 2021, with continued easing of COVID 19 restrictions, transatlantic and global labour mobility is opening back up.  The U.S.A. has announced the removal of travel restrictions for vaccinated UK and EU citizens for November which will help the US-UK economic partnership. The UK continues to refine and develop its new immigration framework in line with the Global Britain agenda.

BAB is delighted to bring together a panel of UK and U.S. immigration experts and government representatives to discuss the transition back to transatlantic travel, and to look at longer term immigration policies for skilled workers and inward investment.

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Gibney Participates in InnovateNordics Summit 2021 for Emerging Businesses

Gibney is partnering with the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce for the InnovateNordics Summit 2021 & U.S. Acceleration Program on October 15, 2021.

InnovateNordics showcases top innovators focused on tackling today’s most pressing challenges while creating business and growth within the areas of clean- and foodtech from the collective Nordics including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The program is a deep dive into the tools and tricks for effective U.S. establishment and growth.

Gibney will discuss U.S. legal issues for emerging businesses. Attorney speakers include:

  • David Johnson – Immigration
  • Kristen Smith – Corporate
  • Maja Szumarska – Intellectual Property
  • Robert Tracy – Employment

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Angelo Mazza Speaks on Tools of the Italian System for Intellectual Property Protection and Combatting Anticounterfeiting in the US

Gibney IP Partner Angelo Mazza recently spoke the webinar entitled “The Tools of the Italian System for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Fight Against Anticounterfeiting in the US”. The webinar covered the many brand protection options, public and private, that exist under the American system. Angelo directed his comments, in Italian, to the importance of law enforcement training as part of an overall approach to brand protection.

Sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Washington, the Italian Trade Agency and the Guardia di Finanza and conducted in English and Italian, the webinar was aimed at Italian brands interested in entering the US market for the first time and the use of laws to protect their products and intellectual property. Other speakers represented National IPR Center, Guardia di Finanza, the IACC and the Italian Trade Agency.

Intellectual property is a cornerstone for the US and other world economies. Understanding issues and procedures is important to secure success and to avoid the pitfalls and impact of counterfeit goods on a brand. Gibney’s IP team offers a comprehensive approach to brand protection which includes trademark registration, Customs recordation, online enforcement, law enforcement training and civil action. Mr. Mazza’s practice includes Customs issues, law enforcement training and cooperation and online monitoring and enforcement. He is fluent in Italian

Brian Brokate to Speak at PLI on Trademark Developments in Anticounterfeiting

Brian W. Brokate will speak at the Practising Law Institute’s Intellectual Property Law Institute 2021 event on September 28, 2021 on the “Trademark” panel.

He will focus on developments in anti-counterfeiting and combatting counterfeiters during an unprecedented era. Other topics will include:

  • Direct liability: An overview of the groundbreaking decisions from the past year including the recent trial court decision in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v Fossil, Inc.
  • Seizures and ex parte remedies: Recent trends and the checklist that should be followed when applying for a seizure order
  • Contributory liability
  • An update on the Ongoing Battle Against Online Printers: A discussion about the recent decisions in Atari Interactive, Inc. v Redbubble, Inc., LTTB LLC v. Redbubble, Inc. and Ohio State University v. Redbubble, Inc.
  • Landlord liability: A Review of the Second Circuit’s decision in Omega SA v. 375 Canal, LLC
  • Hot trends: A Look at Cases Brought by Online Marketplaces and Social Media Platforms against Counterfeiters
  • The rise of counterfeiting during the COVID-19 pandemic: What you need to know to protect your brand

For more information and to register visit the PLI website.

Angelo Mazza to Speak at IACC Panel on Brand Protection Basics

Intellectual Property Partner Angelo E.P. Mazza will speak at the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) webinar on August 19, 2021 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET. The program is titled “Brand Protection Basics – Practical Tips for Protecting Your Rights at the U.S. Border.”

About the Program

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is often described as the first line of defense against counterfeits in the U.S. With approximately 800 million shipments valued at over $2.4 trillion entering the U.S. market through over 300 ports each year, CBP faces the monumental task of identifying and interdicting illicit goods and keeping them out of the hands of American consumers, while ensuring the efficient flow of legitimate trade. This informative program will provide an opportunity to hear first-hand from brand representatives who will share practical tips and advice drawn from years of experience partnering with CBP.

Topics include:
• IP recordation;
• Best practices for training;
• What to expect in interacting with your government counterparts; and
• How you can leverage government resources to make your own efforts more cost-effective and budget-friendly.

This hour-long session will equip you with tools and guidance to effectively partner with CBP to protect your brand at the border.

Other speakers include Mandy McCarthy, Director / Infringement Administrator at The Lumistella Company. The panel will be moderated by Travis Johnson, Vice President – Legislative Affairs, Sr. Counsel, IACC.

Learn more and register on the IACC website.

David Johnson to Speak at Insider Scoop: US Travel & Immigration

David Johnson will join Belcham for the event “Insider Scoop: Travel & Immigration” on May 21, 2021. The program will cover business activities affected by the travel ban and changing immigration policies impacting foreign entrepreneurs such as:
  • Where do we find ourselves as an employer and/or individual. with the current US rules & regulations?
  • What are the exact US re-entry restrictions? When are they expected to change?
  • Which proclamations are still in place? Who’s exempted and who’s not?
  • What about current visa and petition processing? Which visas should/can I apply for?
  • Is the National Interest Exception (NIE) program still in place?
  • How do I maneuver state & federal laws for foreign employees with legal status tied to their employment?