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Brian W. Brokate Co-Chairs PLI’s Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2015

January 5, 2015
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On January 23, 2015, Gibney’s IP practice head, Brian Brokate, is again serving as Co-Chair for the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2015 run by the Practicing Law Institute (PLI).

The conference consists of panel discussions composed of in-house counsel, attorneys from private practices and government agents that have expertise in the latest developments of Intellectual Property Law. The panel discussions, held in New York, will also be broadcast online and at Groupcast locations in Ohio and New Jersey.

Gibney Partner, Angelo Mazza, will also speak at the conference. His panel discussion at 9:15 am will focus on current government IP enforcement programs.

In addition to Co-Chairing the event, Brian Brokate will speak on a panel at 1:45 pm, entitled Anti-counterfeiting Update, which will provide a study of the most recent U.S. case law and legislation regarding anti-counterfeiting.